5 Steps to consider when raising rent prices

Dated: January 31 2024

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Crafting a thoughtful and strategic approach to rent increases is crucial for landlords, as it directly impacts the profitability of their investment properties. Balancing the need to cover rising costs with the importance of retaining good tenants requires careful consideration. In this article, we'll guide you through a five-step process to conduct rent reviews and hikes that safeguard your bottom line while maintaining positive tenant relationships.

1. Verify Your Local Rental Regulations:

Before making any decisions about rent increases, it's crucial to thoroughly understand the rental regulations specific to your local area. State and local rules vary significantly, with some jurisdictions strictly prohibiting rent increases. Take the time to research and comprehend these regulations to ensure you operate within legal boundaries and avoid potential conflicts with tenants.

2. Make Rent Increases A Contractual Requirement:

To minimize surprises for your tenants, consider making rent increases a contractual requirement. Clearly outline anticipated future rent hikes in the lease agreement, specifying details such as the maximum annual increase and the timing of these adjustments. Including information about tenants' obligation to communicate their intention to renew the lease provides transparency and eliminates surprises.

3. Determine Your Cap On Rent Increases:

Maintaining competitive rents while minimizing tenant turnover is every landlord's goal. Consider factors such as local market rates, property improvements, operating costs, and vacancy rates when deciding on the amount of a rent increase. Researching comparable units in your area ensures that your new rate remains competitive, while documenting property improvements justifies a higher increase.

4. Upgrade The Rental And Keep Up With Maintenance Requirements:

Consider enhancing the living experience for tenants by investing in property upgrades and ongoing maintenance. Upgrades like new flooring, fresh paint, or landscaping can justify premium rents, while prompt addressing of repair requests demonstrates a well-cared-for property. If you've made significant improvements, use them as a valid justification for a rent increase.

5. Inform Your Tenants:

Once you've determined the new rent amount, provide timely and clear communication to your tenants. Written notice should be given at least 30-60 days before the effective date of the rental increase. Clearly state the new monthly rental amount and the date it takes effect, keeping documentation to prove you provided sufficient advance warning.

In conclusion, while rent increases are a common aspect of managing investment properties, a well-maintained property and transparent communication can mitigate tenant concerns. At McKenna & Vane Property Management, we offer professional property management services to guide you through the complexities of rent increases, ensuring compliance with local laws. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maximize rental income while fostering positive tenant relationships.

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5 Steps to consider when raising rent prices

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