The Emotional Side of Home Selling
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Six Easy Tips to Help Any Seller List Their Home.

Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna is an associate broker and the president of WEICHERT, REALTORS® – McKenna & Vane, with offices in Columbia, Md...

Michael McKenna is an associate broker and the president of WEICHERT, REALTORS® – McKenna & Vane, with offices in Columbia, Md...

Jan 24 5 minutes read

So you've made the decision to sell your home! Congrats! Hopefully, you've done your research, interviewed multiple realtors, and settled on the one best suited to guide you through the process.

Your work here is done, right?  Wrong. 

While, yes, any Realtor® worth their salt will pound both the literal and internet pavement to market your home, getting eyes on your property is only half the battle. In fact, the REAL dirty work is done weeks before anyone ever steps foot in your home.  And there's just no way to sugar coat it: getting your home ready to sell, and quickly at that, is challenging.  Where do you start?

First and foremost you need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally by asking one question:

Am I really...REALLY ready to sell my home? 

If you answered yes, then get ready to LET GO. You are now living to sell, not living to stay. 

Repeat this mantra weekly, daily, hourly, throughout the entire process. 

Now that you're really...REALLY ready?  Follow these easy steps:

Declutter & Organize -  This will be the most intensive part of the process. But, consider it a precursor to your actual move out, which will save you time and your sanity when it's time to pack those boxes. Throw away trash and old magazines, empty out and organize junk drawers, dressers and nightstands, organize bookshelves, cabinets, your fridge, closets, etc. 

Remove Personal Items - Before photos, showings and open houses, remove pictures of your family, religious artifacts, and any additional familial items, and tuck away in a safe spot. This is a difficult step for many sellers, and understandably so. Just repeat your new mantra and remember, you want buyers to imagine building a life in their new home with their family. You can always put these items back up later. 

Clean - Perhaps the second most intensive, but also most important. Buyers will look at your home differently when it is clean and well cared for than one covered in dirt and grime. Vacuum, dust, clean your floors, windows and.....well, basically clean everything. You can either do this yourself or hire a company to do it for you. Either way, someone needs to scrub that tub. 

Rearrange Furniture - Yes, we know you love your furniture, but, remember, that's not what you're selling here. Too many pieces/extra large furniture can make a room look smaller than it is. You want potential buyers to envision how their furniture will fit in every space. Rethink furniture placement or remove a few pieces from each and every room to make them feel large and open.

Paint & Repair - A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to make a home feel brand new. Neutral colors give a buyer a blank slate to work with while they imagine how their own decor will look in each room. Bonus, you can knock out painting and patching wall holes in one day. 

Don't Neglect Your Curb Appeal - The outside of your home has just as much impact as the inside. Power wash the exterior, paint shutters and remove trash. Plant flowers and shrubs, or refresh mulch and pull weeds if you already have a garden. You don't need to fall down the Pinterest project black hole here, but keep in mind that the exterior of your home is the very *first* thing potential buyers will see.  You want to dress to impress. 

We understand that this process can be overwhelming, but if you've hired the right agent, they'll always be there to help along the way and remind you of the #endgame:

Congrats!  Now you are ready to sell.  What is the list price? Double check your pricing now:

Get a report today!

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