We Work Hard. We Have Fun.

Its starts with a team - a family - all with he same mission: helping people realize their homeownership dreams. At McKenna & Vane, you are never alone in your drive to achieve. We thrive on a culture of commitment, caring and candor, with an unwavering devotion to our clients and to each other. 



“We work hard. We have fun. We genuinely like, care for, and support one another.”

After joining McKenna & Vane, I worked with buyers and sellers and served as a Lead Mentor and Relocation Director for six years or so, and them I was offered the position of Sales Manager. Sharing Jim’s Weichert’s philosophy that “people buy people before they buy your product or service,” I realized that this was my way to do more for our agents and clients alike....

We take our business very seriously. We work hard. We have fun. We genuinely like, care for, and support one another. Being a part of the McKenna & Vane family is special. Cherished life-long friendships have been made, successful businesses have been built and many, many happy client shave be passed through our doors. I welcome you to join us as we continue our exciting journey.

Team Member since 2005

“They have helped me grow my real estate business

When I started working in real estate, it was clear to me that the real estate industry was in the process of transitioning toward internet-based marketing, communications, processing contracts, documents, and practically everything that encompasses Realtor’s duties and responsibilities. I was most impressed with how advanced Weichert was compared to the other real estate companies I had interviewed.

The training was another key component that drew me to Weichert. Weichert’s Fast Track mentoring program and individual training helped me to get up and running in a very short period of time.... Weichert has taught me how to market myself to the point that 100 percent of the business has come from my SOI and referrals for the past two years.

What makes McKenna & Vane unique is that they encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie and agents helping each other... They have helped me grow my real estate business to a point of earning a very comfortable income with the sky being the limit.

Team Member since 2009

I’m more enthusiastic about my profession than I have been in years.

I joined McKenna & Vane because my interaction with management and ownership had always been warm, welcoming and collegial. Most importantly it was respectful. I had initially spoken with Branch Manager, Erin Phelps, about the possibility of moving from my previous company three years ago. At the time I had no interest in making a switch but was willing to listen. Unlike some managers in the business, Erin did not pressure me, make unrealistic promises, or speak ill of my former company. I knew that if I ever decided to make a change that McKenna & Vane would be at the top of my list.

That spring I felt I needed a new approach in the way I do business and I met with Erin again, who was glad to bring me on board. Since then I’ve been made to feel welcome and supported by the other Realtors and have found our office to be a supportive and pleasant place to be. I’m more enthusiastic about my profession that I have been in years.

Team Member since 2015

“You’re given the tools and the support to succeed.

As a fairly new Realtor, my experience at McKenna & Vane has been nothing but wonderful. My colleagues and I from my Fast Track class are very close and supportive of each other’s accomplishments. This is not only because we are kind people, but because we were given a model by this company to build us up as successful Realtors. We were assigned mentors, however everyone in our office serves as a mentor. No one in our office no matter how experienced, or successful, is too busy to lend a helping hand when you have a question or are unsure of how to perform a task. No transaction is the same, and there’s always something new to learn. When I am unsure of what or how to do something, I take comfort in knowing that I have a talented team of people in our office supporting me. This is what makes the culture of our office different from the rest.

No matter if you are a full-time or part-time Realtor you’re given the tools and the support to succeed. This same model of serving people first translated into every transaction. I have found that this is the Weichert Way. I look forward to continued growth and success not only for myself, but for everyone in our office for years to come!

Team Member since 2015

Love Your Job. (Yes, It's Possible)

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